Denim on Denim with BEBE Girls

We are so excited to collaborate with Bebe Girls! Bebe is such a fun brand with amazing detail. Sometimes wearing denim on denim can be a bit much, but we couldn’t help but channel our inner Gigi Hadid (who rocks an all denim look Here).  The distressed hem of these jeans is really fun and we love them paired with a simple slip-on. We just added basic white tanks, because we didn’t want to take away from the beautiful flower embroidery detail.  You can shop these looks at Lord and Taylor.2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23582018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23642018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23602018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23542018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23512018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23442018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23422018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23362018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23412018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23322018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23242018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC23272018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE_2018-01-13_ILCE-7M2_BEBE__DSC2349


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