About Us

Thank you for stopping by our blog! We are two sisters (not twins) from Northern California who started this blog as a fun creative outlet to showcase our love of style and modeling. Jaydin is 12 and Kaiya is 9. We started modeling over 5 years ago in San Francisco and are both represented by Scout Model and Talent.

We have grown so much over the last few years and have had a blast with where this journey has taken us. We started photographing outfits and now are blessed to work with companies all over the globe! We get the opportunity to meet some amazing people and love every minute of it!

Our Fashion Family
Megan manages all aspects of our Instagram and our blog. She is the force behind the majority of what we do. She is a marketing/graphic designer by trade.
Dad: Matt is our photographer. He loves taking pictures and has become quite good (if we don’t say so ourselves). When he is not taking pics, he’s saving lives.
Jaydin: At 12 years old, she is turning into a talented stylist and rocks it  every time she’s on set.  She recently started @stylebyjaydin on Instagram.
Kaiya: The youngest of our team, at 9 years old, Kaiya is our tall super model in the making. She loves a fierce shot and always keeps us laughing.



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